Thursday, September 12, 2013

Harper's 9 month photo shoot!

Ok, another picture post! mostly for my friend Jenni bc I know she's dying to see them :) I love the way her photos turned out and I'm sad pretty soon I won't be able to do this every three months! My husband says were going to go in debt to professional photography, but I say it's worth it :) Here's a few from her session!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hey, It's been a while!!

Busy, busy, busy. That about sums up the last three months I've been MIA from the blogosphere.

In a nutshell (and many photos as you'll see below) baby Harper is bigger, stronger and probably the fastest crawler ever. She's a little busy body on-the-go 24/7 and in my opinion, the coolest babe on the block :)

Harps is 9 1/2 months now and as amazing as it is to watch her grow and develop, I wish time would just sloooow down! She's a healthy 23 pounds (love the chunk!), 29 inches long (or tall, as she is standing now) and has 7, yes SEVEN, teeth. Building a little vocabulary too! Harper says "Hi," "Dadda," "No," and "Dog". I'm working hard, very hard, at getting her to say mamma!! She's crawling at lightning speed, walking while holding onto steady support and her personality is getting bigger and bigger!

Its funny how you always hear "enjoy it, it goes by so fast!," I don't know that I ever truly understood that until I was a mommy. My baby girl doesn't let me hold her like a little newborn anymore and I crave that, I miss those quiet moments with her asleep in my arms. Although yesterday she was all about the cuddles :)

So all those people who ever said "they grow up so fast..." you were right... its sad and awesome all at the same time. 

So what has Harper been up to the last 3 months? Well, her and mommy had a summer swim class together on Wednesdays, which I would recommend to anyone with a baby 6 months+. She loved it, and its super cute (and funny) to see all these little tiny humans in a big giant pool!

She took her first boat ride :) Grandpa and Grandma have a cottage on Harsen's Island (Michiganders will know about the island :)), and to get there you have to go by boat or ferry. We've spent many summer nights on the Island, but the trip over is the most fun. Wind blowing gently in her face and a big grin, she loved the boat!

Many play dates, lots of family time and keeping momma very busy!

Take a look for yourself just how much my little Angel has grown :) 

As summer has winded down, or completely died in Michigan for the most part, I hope its not three months before the next post :) Until then!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Harper's 6 month photo shoot!

Picture Post!! Get ready for an OVERLOAD of photos, and some insane amounts of cuteness!






Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I am my Mother {shoutout to my momma}

I was reading an article today on 5 traits you inherit from your mother...which ended up being a complete waste of time. The article went on to say "80% of body fat is related to DNA, however science can't prove your body will evolve the same as your maternal parent"..blah, blah, blah..
Other than my mothers non existent bra size, tall frame, fab hair and other genetic traits I've inherited from her, there are certainly many more ways we are just alike. 
Over the years, I've realized that this isn't such a bad thing :) My mom rocks, there is no one else in the world I'd rather be just like. 
 We look a lot alike, talk alike, do the same hand gestures, and repeat the same expressions.
She taught me that bigger hair is better hair and that you can never have too many shoes unless they are uncomfortable ones. She taught me that you should always clean your house and do your nails before going on vacation and you should never run out of hairspray. She taught me to dress and how to never pay full price for an outfit. She taught me how to set a table, clean spots of the walls, and how to make perfect pot pie. She taught me that notes are best left on chairs in the middle of the entryway where people will trip over them and that cards should always be homemade from pictures clipped from magazines. She taught me that real superhero's don't wear capes, as I once witnessed her save a drowning toddler. She taught me that mud is for playing in and rain is for dancing in. She taught me that you can never wash your hands too many times and you always need pockets for tissues. She taught me to talk to animals and pick up trash that other people avoid.
She's taught me how to be a mom, even if she doesn't realize it.
And she makes one badass Grandma!
She gave me a standard of a mother to live up to, which I can only hope to reach. She's an amazing influence in mine and my daughter's life and I haven't thanked her often enough. I hope one day my little one thinks as highly of her momma as I do of mine :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Harper is Six Months!

It's absolutely crazy to me that I have a six month old! How did six whole months go by this fast? Her ever changing personality is amazing to watch develop. It's true that you don't know true love until you have a child, my heart feels whole.
Harps is such a happy baby, although she may be a lil' camera shy (takes after daddy there!), there's rarely a moment my baby girl isn't smiling or giggling. The baby babble is in full swing, I wake up to her talking to her teddy bear every morning, it's so freakin adorable and one of my most looked forward to parts of the day :)
 At six months, my little chunky monkey is weighing in between 18-19lbs! I think she's going to be tall like her momma, measuring 27 inches. Baby girl's got some looong legs! She's been teething and has two tiny, cute, little teeth on her bottom gum. She's been so good with teething thus far, although she wants to chew on anything and everything, I'm happy to say she doesn't seem to bothered by them. Thank the Lord, because I've heard some teething horror stories from friends! I hope I'm not speaking too soon!
Baby girl sleeps like a champ, 10 hours, sometimes 11 and it's freakin' ah-mazing! I don't get home from work until 11:30 at night so I'm super thankful I still manage to get about 7 hours. God love her!
Harps has been introduced to solid foods, and surprisingly loves her peas! We took Dr's advice and started her on veggies first so she didn't develop a taste for sweet fruits right off the bat. Luckily, we haven't had any food allergies, and judging by her weight you can see we also haven't encountered a food baby girl doesn't like :)
She's rollin over like a boss! Diaper changes have become quite challenging at times and she tries to roll away from me in the process, while giggling. I can see she's going to be stubborn and sarcastic like her momma!
Another favorite of Harper's is the pup. She looooves her doggy :) If you've never heard of "Num Nums" they are rice cakes for babies that dissolve in their mouth so they won't choke, and she loves them (side note, with her little teeth you hear her "crunch" with every bite and its freaking cute!) I'll give her one to occupy her for a few minutes so I can get something done..well the Dog has figured out it's quite easy to steal food from a baby! I came back in they play room to find Dexter licking her little fingers and Harper one hella large smile! I couldn't even be mad at him because she was so happy he was paying attention to her and I love seeing them interact :)
Harper has made me a happier, healthier and more complete person. She makes her daddy and I so proud to be parents to such a perfect little girl. I find myself saying "this is my favorite month," every month..and this is no exception. This past month has been filled with many milestones and new memories, I can't wait to see what's ahead with this little lover! Bring on month 7!
Now for Miss Harper's six month photos :)